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Get in touch with your friends: text, voice calls, and video calls all included

Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone chat app that lets you communicate with your Facebook friends easily. With the new Messenger update, users can now enjoy more than simply sending text chat messages. Aside from voice and video calls, Messenger for Android is now equipped with fun and funky features like GIFS and chat colors!

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  • Personalize your chat box
  • Light and dark theme
  • Create group chats
  • Send document files


  • Cluttered with features
  • Calls may consume large amount of data
  • Cannot check Facebook notifications through the app
  • Requires log-in

Very good

Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone chat app that lets you communicate with your Facebook friends easily. With the new Messenger update, users can now enjoy more than simply sending text chat messages. Aside from voice and video calls, Messenger for Android is now equipped with fun and funky features like GIFS and chat colors!

Enjoy free calls and messaging

Before we get started on Messenger’s exciting features, let us first discuss the basic functions of the app. If you have a lot of Facebook friends, Messenger is the easiest way to keep in touch with them. It allows you to see when your friend has already read the message you have sent or when they are still current typing a response. The app also allows you to message multiple users by creating a group chat, making it easier for you to keep in touch with a group of friends, family members, or to send important notices to your teammates. If you have a lot to say and you think that sending long chat messages will not be enough, you can opt to place free voice or video calls with the app. 

Messenger also supports sharing photos and videos. You can take a photo or video directly using the app, which could access your device’s camera. Another option is for you to just attach either one or multiple photos or videos straight from your gallery so you can save time from having to send them one by one. Important text files can also be uploaded and shared through this chat app so you would not have to go to your e-mail just to be able to send one. 

Have fun with stickers, GIFs, and emojis!

Now that we have the basics covered, let us move on to the fun part! You can spice up your chat with cute animated stickers, GIFs and expressive emojis! Sometimes, words just cannot fully express what you truly feel but Messenger has got you covered with these new additions. Not only are they enjoyable and trendy, but they also help in conveying feelings that cannot be put into text. There is a wide range of stickers you can choose from and each one has the basic expressions you will surely need, like saying thank you or I love you. The same goes for emojis. Facebook Messenger constantly puts new additions to its continuously growing list. To make things better, emojis also promote diversity with race, age, and gender. There are also those that represent different kinds of activities and hobbies. You will also never run out of GIFs that could perfectly capture your reactions and you can actually find really relatable ones that came from movies and other shows.

Personalize your chat

You can say goodbye to the old Messenger’s interface and say hello to its new trendy version, which users can now personalize. Starting with chat colors, you can shed away the plain blue that you have always known and change it to your actual favorite color. For a prettier effect, Messenger also offers color gradients where chat bubbles change colors when you scroll through them. Aside from that, users can assign a new nickname for their friends as well as set an emoji that you often use. This way, you no longer have to read their full name that barely fits that chat header. As for the designated emoji, you simply click on it at the corner of the chat box instead of having to scroll through the wide selection available in the emojis list.

The latest Messenger update now gives you the option to enter night mode, which is perfect for people who have sensitive eyes and cannot tolerate the bright light from their screens. In order to activate night mode, you simply have to send the moon emoji to any of your friends and then click on it afterwards. It will rain moons in your chat box as the color changes from white to black, and then that’s it! You are now officially in the night or dark mode. Of course you can always switch back to the regular look by switching the theme toggle available in Messenger’s settings.

How’s your day?

Users of Instagram stories will surely find it delightful to know the Messenger now also has this feature. For those who are not familiar with this, stories are regular updates that you can post for all of your friends to see. Messenger Stories allows you to upload text posts, photos, and clips about anything! You can post a random selfie if you are feeling extra confident and pretty, or you can upload a video clip of what is currently going on around you. It already sounds exciting as it is but the fun with stories does not end there. Messenger also allows you to add special effects on your posts like stickers, filters, and face filters for your selfies. Of course, as with sending photos or videos through regular chat, you can also just pick something from your device’s gallery and upload it in your stories. Posting updates is made really simple. The icons are displayed at the very top of the app, right above your chat messages. This way, not only would you be able to quickly access this function when something exciting happens but at the same time, you can easily check your other friends’ stories as well. You can keep yourself updated with what is happening to others just by watching their stories.

Challenge others

As if it couldn’t be any more fun, Messenger is also equipped with mini games that you play either alone or with your friends. You can have challenging matches with others without exiting the app! Some of the games that had everyone crazy are Words with Friends, Solitaire, and Everwing. You should definitely give them a try.

An all-around chat app

Facebook Messenger aims to make things more convenient for its users by offering more than just the basic chat functions. You can make plans, hold polls, play games, and even personalize the app to make it more you. Messenger is a separate app from Facebook but you can still stay in touch with your friends from that social media site through this.

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