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Help & Info about Messenger Text and Video Chat for Free for android

  • What is Facebook Messenger?

    Facebook Messenger is a dedicated application which enables Facebook users to chat with friends and contacts within a real-time scenario. It is the official messaging service of this social media platform.
  • Is Facebook Messenger free to download?

    Facebook Messenger is absolutely free to download. However, keep in mind that those who access this service via a mobile phone might be subject to third-party data usage charges.
  • How safe is Facebook Messenger?

    Facebook Messenger is regularly updated and a portion of these updates involve ensuring that it is free from all viruses and malware. This is the very same reason why the service should only be downloaded from a trusted source.
  • What files can be sent and received with Facebook Messenger?

    While many individuals use Facebook Messenger for simple chat purposes, there are a host of other files which can be received and sent. Some examples include images, links to other web addresses, videos, GIFs, voice recordings, and emojis.
  • How much memory will Facebook Messenger require?

    When in use, Facebook Messenger will require approximately 204 megabytes. If the app is active within the background, it will consume 150.74 megabytes. Those who decide to completely close the application are able to lower this level to 58.04 megabytes. Please note that these figures could vary slightly between disparate operating systems.
  • Does Facebook Messenger support third-party applications?

    Users can use Facebook Messenger in synergy with other third-party applications such as Spotify, Trivia Blast, Ditty, and The Wall Street Journal are a handful of examples. Be sure to check back with their official website, as updates occur on a regular basis.
  • How many people can use Facebook Messenger group chat at a given time?

    When the group chat function is activated, as many as six individuals (including the user) can enjoy Facebook Messenger at any given time. Still, slower wireless connections have been known to cause lags and buffering issues on occasion.
  • How can I make voice calls with Facebook Messenger?

    Making voice calls with the help of Facebook Messenger is clear and straightforward. You will first need to navigate to the bottom of the home screen. There are a number of icons which can be selected and one provides an option to initiate voice calls (similar to a normal smartphone display).
  • How do I invite a friend to chat on Facebook Messenger?

    You will first need to message the friend on Facebook as would normally be performed without Facebook Messenger. An option is included to invite this individual to Messenger chat if they have not already downloaded the application. In the event that they are not currently online, they will receive the notification as soon as they log in.
  • What are Facebook Messenger "rooms"?

    Facebook Messenger rooms are essentially public groups which focus upon a specific topic (such as hobbies or the latest movie reviews). There are thousands of rooms to join and Facebook may occasionally send you suggestions based on your expressed social media interests and past public posts.


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